O is for Outlaw (Kinsey Millhone #15) - Sue Grafton

O is for Outlaw (Kinsey Millhone Mystery) - Sue Grafton

Fourteen years ago, Kinsey left her first husband because she was sure he had participated in a murder. Now she receives a letter sent all those years ago, giving him an alibi. Kinsey tries to look him up and she finally finds him in a comma after being shot a few days ago. What's going on? What happened then and what is happening now?


I really liked this one because it was an interesting insight into Kinsey's old life and it helped me understand why she is they way she is now. It's hard to accept we were wrong, especially about someone we once loved. But Kinsey is a good person and so of course once she realized there might be a chance she was wrong, she starts looking for her ex right away. Also, for the first time ever, we see her fighting with Henry, her landlord and dearest friend, so that was something new.


The one thing I'm not crazy about is the change in the narrator. The new one is Judy Kaye and I'm not loving her so far. Kinsey is supposed to be 35 years old and she sounds like a 50 year-old smoker. She also makes Henry sound like a weak, feeble old man and the fight scene was yelled by Judy. It was most unpleasant. Mary Pfeiffer made Kinsey sound young, funny, calmed and smart, and while I am trying to keep an open mind, I did have a hard time listening to the new voice. Let's see what happens in the next one.


[I'm counting this one for the Cruisin' Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2014]