R is for Ricochet (Kinsey Millhone #18) - Sue Grafton

R Is For Ricochet (Audio) - Sue Grafton, Judy Kaye

This book starts with Kinsey being asked to escort Reba, the daughter of a very wealthy man out of prison, accompanying her for a few days, until she could get her life straight. From there she discovers that there may be more behind the crime Reba committed, and of course, Kinsey just can't stay away from trouble.


This one was very different from the rest of these novels, and that's why many people didn't like it. Personally, I think it was refreshing to read something different with Kinsey in it, and although I wanted to slap Reba 80% of the time, she did keep things interesting :)


Four stars!


[I'm counting this one for the Cruisin' Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2014]