Lumberjanes Vol.1 - Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson.

Lumberjanes Volume 1 -  Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis

I loved, loved, LOVED this one! The #1 was OK, but from then on it was wonderful. 5 stars for the 5 amazing girls that spend their summer at the Lumberjanes Scout Camp where things are... weird. There's magic, adventures, scary things, and most of all friendship.


The first thing I liked was that finally teenagers are not portrayed as small adults with adult bodies. These girls are scrawny, awkward, clumsy and perfect. Each had a very different personality and a very different style. This comic tells you that being different is amazing and gender stereotypes be damned. There's a place for each girl in the story, even when it sometimes feels a little crowded because they're all together in almost EVERY frame lol. The story is a bit predictable, but that makes it no less interesting and entertaining and I had the best time looking up the references to great women in history that they throw around in everyday conversation with lines like: "Holy Mae Jamison!" or "What the Annie Smith Peck just happened!"


I borrowed this from my digital library, but I've read that the paper version also includes a playlist made by each of the girls for each number, so I'll definitively check that out as well. 5 stars and I really recommend it!