Portraits of a Marriage - Sándor Márai

Portraits of a Marriage - George Szirtes, Sándor Márai

This book is divided in three parts plus an epilogue. I loved part one from the very first line, and although the ending of that part was a bit boring, I quite enjoyed it. The problem was the rest of the book. For me, the rest was tedious, boring and I kept wanting to slap the narrators so they got their crap together or at least shut up about it. They started talking about one thing and ended up talking about another, but never finishing either theme. They went on and on about every tiny aspect of life, with astonishing immaturity and without ever getting to a single conclusion. 


Although later I found out that this was because the author himself was having these same issues and later killed himself, I cannot recommend this book and I'm not sure I would read more of this author.