The Fade Out (Act One) - Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips

The Fade Out Volume 1 - Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips

I picked this one up because a friend of mine recommended it to me and I am so glad I did because I liked it a lot!


The murder/mystery is my favorite genre so I knew I was going to like the story, but this goes so much farther than that. The story starts simply enough: A movie star is found dead by a screenwriter with a huge hangover. He can't remember what happened last night, so to avoid complications he just goes home and pretends he was never there. A few hours later, news of the actress' death arise, but Charlie realises someone staged it as a suicide. 


But the great thing about this noir graphic novel is that that story is only the tip of the iceber and by the end of the first volume you just know there is so much more than a simple cover up and you can't wait to read the next volume. 


The illustrations are really, really good, and the environment they create is so realistic that at times I could almost smell the smoke in the air. That good, I swear!


Four stars and on to the next one!