Halloween Is for Lovers

Halloween Is For Lovers - Nate Gubin Although the story was quite slow at first, once you get into it you don't want to stop reading. This is a story about Hugh, a guy that had the inconvenience of dying the day he was going to get married (originally, he was running away, but then decided to go back) and now has to spend eternity in the utmost misery in the Kingdom of death. However, all that changes when he is told by his friend Ana that maybe, MAYBE, there's a chance for him to see his bride again, and -if she really loves him- he may even get to live again. Will he make it? Does she still love him after leaving her at the altar and dying? Will he fail and have to spend eternity in a place far worse than the Kingdom?While there are a few moments where I felt the author rushed things up (I caught myself checking weather I had skipped a page), I really enjoyed this book, I laughed a lot, I got really nervous in certain passages and al in all, I had a great time reading this book :)