Bubba and the Dead Woman (Bubba Snoddy, #1)

Bubba and the Dead Woman (Bubba Snoddy, #1) - C.L. Bevill What a nice surprise. I have to admit I wasn't expecting to like this book and I really did. After a lousy night at work, Bubba comes back home only to find his ex-fiancée's death body on his very yard. Of course, he immediately becomes the prime suspect and it's up to him to try to find out what really happened and clear his name.The characters are very likable and as the story goes, you get more and more involved. I loved Bubba's personality, as well as his mother's -who continuously claims she killed her husband in different ways, according to the person she's talking to, even though in reality he died of a heart attack - and the humourous lines keep you quite entertained. I'd love to read the next book in this saga.