1st to die by James Patterson (Women's Murder Club #1)

1st to Die - James Patterson

What's it about: The first book of this saga is led by Lindsay Boxer, a divorced female Inspector of the SFPD who has just been diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease and has to solve a series of murders of newlyweds on their wedding night. In order to do this, she gets together with a group of friends - a medical examiner, a reporter and a district attorney - all women trying to make the best of their lives within their stressful jobs.

What I liked: First, the idea of the crimes was very interesting. The though of someone planning on killing couples on their wedding day, the happiest day of their lives, was a very good one. I also liked the fast-paced rhythm of the book. Short chapters and quick-developing situations kept me interested all along. 

What I didn't like: The personal relationships felt a bit forced. Most of the women of the murder club had just met and by the very first meeting they already loved and trusted each other fully with their lives and careers. Same thing with the romantic aspect of the story. While most of the themes this book treated were serious (illnesses, sexual abuse, violence, murders, etc), the book was too simple, as were the characters.

Rating: All in all, I liked this book and I would read the rest of the saga. THREE STARS!