The Troubled Man (Wallander #10) - Henning Mankell

The Troubled Man - Henning Mankell

It's always a bit nostalgic to finish a series, but I can't say I'm sad saying good bye to Wallander because I started to dislike him a few books ago. While this book had a very interesting plot, it had many, many holes and it left quite a lot of unexplained things. It was also very exasperating to read so many convenient things that the author just put in there to make it easier for Wallander to discover the truth. Kurt has a question about the swedish navy and he just happens to have an old school friend who is an expert in that, although it's the first time we ever heard of him. Then he has a question about russian spies, and guess what? He ALSO happens to have a friend who was a russian desserter. Of course, this is the first time we learn about him and he disappears just as quickly as all the characters that Mankell includes just because he needs Wallander to know something.
And Kurt Wallander is just as annoying as ever. For instance, he decides to call Martinson on his free day, on a day where he is with his grandchildren and makes him come to his house right away, urgently, just to tell him something he could have easily told Martinsson over the phone. He totally abuses his position of power. And don't get me started on Linda Wallander because I'm going to lose my cool ;)

Anyway, although it did have some highlights, I'm glad this series is over and I'm giving this book 2,5 stars