Louisiana Longshot - Jana Deleon (Miss Fortune Mystery #01)

Louisiana Longshot (Miss Fortune Mystery #1) - Jana Deleon

I got this one as a freebie on Amazon and I'm happy I downloaded it because I had so much fun reading it! 


I LOVED the Sinful Ladies Society, especially Ida Belle and Gertie. I loved them so much that sometimes I found myself skimming a few pages in advance just to see when they were going to appear again.


I did have a few minor issues with how the main character was portrayed. I think the author was so intent on showing us how "unladylike" was Fortune, that she exaggerated sometimes, making her sound like a teenager who didn't want to wear what her mother bought. But as I said, it was only something minor and it did not stop me from truly enjoying this book. Four stars!!


I'm listing this book as part of the 2014 Cruisin' Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge :)