The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt

Days have passed and I still don't know how I feel about The Goldfinch. Since I gave it three stars I can say that I liked it, but not that much... First, let's see what's it about:


Theo Decker is a 13 year old kid whose mother just died after a bombing attack that took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in NYC. While escaping the museum, he takes a valuable painting called The Goldfinch, partly because of shock and partly because a dying man instructed him to do it. The book then follows Theo and the painting from that day on, showing us the turns his life take among friends, drugs, family, and everything that growing up brings.


As I said, I just can't decide how I feel about this one. There were parts I loved and some others I hated. This book has 771 pages and it's just too much. Pages and pages are used to describe the same thing, and I know that's precisely what some people loved about it, but for me it was unnecessary and boring. I don't need you to spend 20 pages to explain that Theo was feeling disoriented after surviving a bombing. If you describe the scene right, it only takes a few and we can move on to what happens after that. 


But on the other hand, the characters made all the difference in the world. Even the ones you didn't like had something special about them, you wanted to know them better, even if that meant you had to let go of Theo's story in order to do that. Sadly, the story had to always come back to him, leaving you wondering what happened to some of them. Theo himself turns to out be an annoying character at some point, but the author took great care to always leave him some redeeming qualities so you'd never find him truly unlikeable. But even at his worst moments, you have Hobie right there and that character alone made all the book worthwhile for me.


Without spoiling anything, I'll just say than the ending seemed a bit empty for me, but from what I read it was the best part of the book for some people, so I'm not going to discard it in itself. I'm just going to say the ending was not for me and it was not my type of book. Also, it was too long for such a simplistic ending.