Wallbanger - Alice Clayton

Wallbanger - Alice Clayton

Two stars. First of all I'd like to point out that I usually like twilight fanfiction (except 50 shades. That's just horrible) and even more, I remember having read the first chapters of this story as a fanfic and loving it. But now, I just didn't like it at all. Maybe I'm the problem, who knows?


At first I thought it was just the audiobook. The woman reading it sounded too fake and forced and her male character impersonations were terrible. So when I started to get really annoyed I thought the voice was the culprit. However, after the first chapters I realized that the problem was Caroline herself (the main character). She was whiny, overdramatic, and I could not find a single personality trait that justified Simon falling for her, other than because she bakes and she looks great in a nighty. Those are not personality traits. She shows up at his door yelling so he leaves the harem after a few days? Ok. Simon didn't do much for me either, but I'll blame that one on the audiobook.


And the rambling! Oh, the rambling... Eternal minutes of my life were spent listening to Caroline's internal rants, learning about endless text messages that could be resumed in a few lines, impossible interactions with a cat (that actually says the name of another character), the repetitive use of the verb giggle and its variations, and Caroline exaggerating every emotion, as if we were reading a teenage girl and not and adult woman.


I'm really sorry I didn't like the book, I really wanted  to read something light and fun but not only I didn't laugh once, I also had a bad time rolling my eyes and yawning :(


[I'm using this for the letter "W" in the 2014 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge]