The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #1) - Michael Scott

The Alchemyst - Michael Scott, Erik Singer

I thought I was going to like this book a lot more than I did. I loved the idea of having Nicholas Flamel and his wife as the protagonists of a contemporary book about recovering the book that made him immortal and saving the world, and I really did. I especially liked reading about Perenelle. Nicholas was also very interesting to read, and I kept picturing him like Joel Gray, and I love Joel Gray :) 


Unfortunately, in my very humble opinion, I think the writing was not great.

I'm not a writer myself so if you write a book, I think you're great and you have my admiration, but with this book I was constantly reminded that I was "reading" a book. There was always something that impeded the fluidity of the writing. It felt forced. Maybe it was just me, but I never managed to lose myself in the book.


Also, the twins. The girl was clever enough but Josh was infuriating. Increasingly annoying and stupid, just his character alone makes me consider not reading the second book because I don't know if I could stand him for another 400 pages. And, my dear author, how many times do you have to mention that their parents are Archaeologists? We got it the first time.


But it's not like I hated the book, I just feel disappointed because this could have been great and it was just ...ok. Three stars!


[I'm counting this for the 2014 TBR PILE CHALLENGE]