All-New X-Men, Vol.1: Yesterday's X-Men - Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen

All-New X-Men, Vol. 1: Yesterday's X-Men - Stuart Immonen, Brian Michael Bendis

In the present day, a civil mutant war is about to start. There are already few mutants left in the world and this war will definitively not help. Beast finds out he's dying and he realizes he must do something, anything, to fix this mess before he passes away. So he decides to go back in time, explain things to the original X-Men, bring them to the future for a moment, just so they can see for themselves what happens and decide to do things differently in their time. 


This was my first time reading the X-Men and maybe I made a mistake reading this just after finishing Watchmen, because there was no way it was going to live up to that. I found this first volume to be entertaining and interesting enough so that I want to continue with the other volumes, but I can't say I'm in love yet. We'll see what other surprises are on the way. Three stars!!