Fortunately, the Milk - Neil Gaiman (illustrated by Skottie Young)

Fortunately, the Milk - Neil Gaiman, Skottie Young

Fortunately, the Milk is a lovely Children/Middle Grade story about a dad who, on his way to buy milk, gets abducted by aliens, travels in time and space to face pirates, volcanoes, dinosaurs and (maybe) piranhas. It even has ponies. 


I suppose I can't deny I'm Gaiman's fan now. I've read three of his books and they have all been exactly what I needed them to be: Filled with adventure, fantasy, love, humour, and more than a little bit of magic. The illustrations by Skottie Young were perfect for the story, especially the dinosaurs' exit door and the kid's faces.



If you're a fan of Douglas Adams, I strongly suggest you read this. If you're not, I still suggest you to read it. It won't take you more than a couple of hours and you're going to have so much fun. Five stars!