M is for Malice (Kinsey Millhone #13) - Sue Grafton

M Is for Malice - Sue Grafton

A wealthy man dies and his surviving family hire Kinsey to find one of his sons, who left home almost 30 years ago. Kinsey manages to locate him and is ready to start working on another case, when things take an unexpected turn.


This book contains quite a good mystery and it was a good read, although it left me a bit sad and with a feeling of loneliness. Kinsey has a few things to let go of and a few things to process in order to go on with her life. I think she's ready to stop being a lonely soul but it will require some time and a little bit of proper mourning. She's on the right track, but the path is not always easy. 


Four stars!


[I'm counting this for the Cruisin' Thru The Cozies Reading Challenge 2014]